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October drawing……..

October colors, October rain……… Fall truly has come and I love it!
I’m seeing my grass get green again and the plants and trees just soaking up what they can. Lovely 🙂
Getting ready for a new drawing – please make sure you’ve hit the “Mail Me” button on the page, that way you’ll automatically be entered in the drawing!
I look forward to seeing Cory Ann on Tuesday – she won the September drawing.
I appreciate all of you for following!
Happy Sunday to you!

Falling into Gratitude!

Well, here we are, it looks like fall is actually happening! First grey day since quite a while!

I’m kinda liking it…………. there’s a different feeling with it. A looking within, what am I harvesting this season? What have I planted that has come to fruition? Which seeds have grown into plants – whatever size – and how do I nurture them through the fall and winter season?

Good questions to ponder 🙂

Update on our lucky winner for September…………

drum roll……….

It’s Cory Ann! She’ll get an e-mail confirming this and we’ll have a wonderful experience together.

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