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October drawing……..

October colors, October rain……… Fall truly has come and I love it!
I’m seeing my grass get green again and the plants and trees just soaking up what they can. Lovely 🙂
Getting ready for a new drawing – please make sure you’ve hit the “Mail Me” button on the page, that way you’ll automatically be entered in the drawing!
I look forward to seeing Cory Ann on Tuesday – she won the September drawing.
I appreciate all of you for following!
Happy Sunday to you!

Falling into Gratitude!

Well, here we are, it looks like fall is actually happening! First grey day since quite a while!

I’m kinda liking it…………. there’s a different feeling with it. A looking within, what am I harvesting this season? What have I planted that has come to fruition? Which seeds have grown into plants – whatever size – and how do I nurture them through the fall and winter season?

Good questions to ponder 🙂

Update on our lucky winner for September…………

drum roll……….

It’s Cory Ann! She’ll get an e-mail confirming this and we’ll have a wonderful experience together.

Stay connected with this blog – make sure to follow so you can win October’s free session!

Drawing coming up!

Hello all,

I already posted this on my 12 keys for 2012 blog……….. oops – meant to post it here.

So anyway – the September drawing is coming up for a free session with me. If you haven’t entered yourself and/or anyone whom you think  might be interested in this drawing please do so! I will do the drawing at the end of the month.


Just click the “Mail Me” button and add your e-mail address, that way you will be automatically entered and notified 🙂

Looking forward to a fun session!

Happy Fall to all 🙂

Murna’s session

This is what Murna shared with me about her session………
so nice!

Dear Lucia, Thank you so very much for picking my name for your first free session.
My body and mind are onto a new path of growth. I also appreciate the extra hints to make my body function at its best.
To all of you on Lucia’s blog put your free session into the universe and you will get it. Lucia’s gift for balancing your body is pretty amazing. She could even tell, through her methods, that my body was thirsty. I am constantly on a quest to better my mind and body. I do believe that this experience with Lucia is just another path to that accomplishment. You are the best Lucia. Love and hugs, Murna

Thanks Murna – it was great fun working with you!

I wonder who’ll be the lucky winner next month……….

Hope you’re all enjoying the summer 🙂

First lucky winner :)

Hello all,

Here we are – the drawing for July has happened and our lucky winner is…….

drum roll……….

Murna Sparks!

Congratulations Murna, I look forward to working with you! 


We’ll do the next drawing at the end of August! Stay posted 🙂Image

As I’ve said in my e-mail before this blog will be about my prompting to do a drawing every month for a free session with me out of my data base of clients – 

the only thing you need to do is let me know you’d like to be a part of that drawing!

I will use this blog as a way to connect with the people who are interested in participating in this drawing.

You will have until the end of this month (July 31 12 noon PST 2012) to be included in this drawing – I will post who wins for this month right after the drawing.

I’m excited to be giving my gift of gratitude each month in this way! Please follow this blog stay updated on who’s the lucky one for the month!

Please feel free to commend about your experiences with gratitude – I’d love to know what you’re doing!